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BaseSRS (Basic Service Request System)

In today’s fast paced world, negative feedback or comments from unsatisfied customers can spread like wild-fire over the internet, damaging a company's reputation and ability retain and attract new customers. To further complicate the situation, many businesses are viewing the satisfaction of internal and external customers as equally important to the success or failure of a business. So what is the bottom line to achieving the ultimate satisfaction of both internal and external entities with a diversity of needs? Customer satisfaction requires rapid response, consistently excellent service, and full visibility of new, pending, assigned, in-progress and completed service requests by department and company wide. In particular, senior executives are demanding this visibility to exercise appropriate measures where customer service is not meeting the desired levels with consistency. To adopt this strategy, organizations must understand their business, to include full visibility of its defined or documented service offerings, and related business processes. To achieve greater control and excellence in the area of customer service, many organizations are looking to Service Request Systems (SRS) to manage and facilitate customer service requests.

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